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Anders Rønnow Klarlund
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Movie | Adventure, Drama, Fantasy | 1h 31min
A prince leaves his city and sets off to avenge his father not aware his father wasn't murdered and in-reality committed suicide and soon learns the truth about his people from a warrior woman.
Movie | Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi | 1h 34min
A satirical drama revealing the consequences of the Danish government's "New Copenhagen Criteria", a new policy aiming at securing the nation's survival. Citizens who fail to meet the criteria - those who have received more from society than what they have contributed - are eliminated.
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Movie | Action, Crime, Horror | 1h 39min
A man is found in an airport, dead of a mysterious disease. A race begins to save humanity from what could be a global plague.
Movie | 1h 16min
A group of underground artists blow up Berlin's zoological museum and declare it "a work of art". Their goal is to set beauty free. The unrelenting passion fascinates actress Eva Kovacs, who joins the group.
Den attende
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Movie | Drama | 1h 40min
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