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David Brown
The Pinkertons
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TV Series | Crime, Western | 42min
A father and son team up with America's first female detective to solve crimes in the Wild West.
Documentary | Documentary | 1h 15min
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Hollywoods biggest talents explore what is the recipe for blockbuster, flops, and how absolute happenstance and controlled luck can make movie magic.
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Movie | Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi | 1h 25min
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A motley assortment of men and women live and work together on a base on Mars for the Interplanetary Corporation. Things are pretty dull and unexciting until one day the crew find themselves under attack not only by a lethal group of strangers, but also from a vicious reptilian humanoid alien beast.
Documentary | Documentary, Music | 1h 30min
The long-awaited reunion concert of the renowned pop music duo, more than a decade after their separation as musical performers.
Movie | Comedy, Romance | 1h 31min
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Documentary | Documentary | 2h 30min
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The first half century of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation from its beginnings under Hungarian immigrant William Fox to it emergence as a major studio.
Documentary | Documentary, Music | 1h 26min
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This concert includes Billy Joel's performances of "Scenes From An Italian Restaurant," "Storm Front," "Downeaster Alexa," "Pressure," and "Piano Man."
Video | Music | 1h 20min
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Last of the Longnecks
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Documentary | Documentary | 1h 32min
Last of the Longnecks is a documentary highlighting the plight of giraffes in decline and the implications in our rapidly changing world. The film seeks to celebrate what makes these majestic animals so unique, shed light on their struggle, and further explore what hope can be found in the tangled relationship between humanity and nature. As the tallest animal on the planet, the giraffe is one of the... see more
The Making of 'Jaws 2'
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Documentary | Documentary | 45min
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A documentary giving film fans a behind-the-scenes look at the making of this sequel to the now-classic horror movie that had viewers too scared to go into the water. Includes interviews with the writer, director, and other members of the creative staff who relate some of their experiences with making the film, as well as giving their views on all the work that went into it.
Documentary | Documentary | 46min
This documentary, shown on the American Movie Classics (AMC) cable channel, answers the question "What does a movie producer do?" It takes the viewer through every step of movie production. The process begins with finding suitable material to make into a film, and continues with pitching the idea to a studio, developing the script, finding the right talent (in front of and behind the camera), shooting... see more
Documentary | Documentary, Music, Short | 7min
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Documentary | Documentary | 3h
Directed by:
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