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DJ Pooh
Born June 29, 1969 (age 50)
Mark Jordan (born June 29, 1969 in Los Angeles, California), better known by his stage name DJ Pooh is an American record producer, voice actor, rapper, screenwriter, actor and film director.
The Wash
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Movie | Comedy | 1h 33min
Directed by:
With the rent due and his car booted, Sean (Dr. Dre) has to come up with some ends...and fast. When his best buddy and roommate Dee Loc (Snoop Dogg), suggests that Sean get a job busting suds down at the local car wash, the first order of business is impressing Mr. Washington (George Wallace) the gun-toting, dominoes-playing owner of The Wash. Unaware that the two are roomies, Mr. Washington hires... see more
3 Strikes
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Movie | Comedy | 1h 22min
Directed by:
Brian Hooks plays a character who is just released from jail. And the state adopts a "3 strikes" rule for felons that involves serious penalties. Hooks has 2 strikes, and wants to change his life for the better. When a friend picks him up, they are pulled over, and his friend shoots at police officers, and Hooks escapes. Now Hooks, a wanted man, must clear his name of having nothing to do with the... see more
Grow House
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Movie | Comedy | 1h 36min
Directed by:
Two guys start a risky new business to pay off a debt.
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