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Elena S. Sánchez
Días de cine
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TV Series | News | 1h
Antonio Gasset hosts this show in which recently released movies and DVDs are thoughtfully discussed, in a documentary-like way.
Corazón de...
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TV Series | 30min
Movie | Animation
Directed by: ,
This is the story of PACO, a 40-year-old, confirmed bachelor who, in the prime of his life, realises a childhood dream: to work at home in his pajamas. Just when he's reached the zenith of personal happiness, however, into his life walks Jilguero (the name means "Birdie" in Spanish), a girl he falls in love with who must get used to the fact that her man's main objective in life is to remain at home... see more
No es un sábado cualquiera
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TV Series | Comedy, Music
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