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Evan Oppenheimer
The Speed of Thought
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Movie | Sci-Fi, Thriller | 1h 33min
Directed by:
Joshua Lazarus has a special gift -- but will this gift destroy him before he can escape to freedom with his newly found soul mate?
Lost in Florence
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Movie | Adventure, Drama, Romance | 1h 37min
Directed by:
A heartbroken American in Florence gets involved in a dangerous local sport -- and with an alluring local woman.
A Little Game
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Movie | Adventure, Family | 1h 32min
Directed by:
A young girl finding her way around the city and her own life through chess lessons. This is also about being open to all the clues about your life and your options that surround you everyday.
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Movie | Comedy, Romance | 1h 26min
Directed by:
Can an university computer scientist (Cavanagh) make a woman fall in love with his interactive computer before she succumbs to a well-known professor?
The Auteur Theory
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Movie | Comedy, Mystery, Thriller | 1h 17min
Directed by:
At an absurdly self-indulgent student film festival, the directors of the (mostly terrible) short films start getting killed off one by one and a budding British documentary filmmaker decides to investigate.
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Movie | Comedy, Drama | 1h 20min
Directed by:
A comic strip writer in NYC, still grieving over the death of a friend in 9/11, gets his publisher to agree to a limited run of "Justice", a comic book about an ordinary person who is a hero.
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