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Lesli Klainberg
Indie Sex: Censored
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Documentary | Documentary | 1h 6min
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The history of film censorship in the United States. The documentary covers the pre-code era, to the 1934 introduction of the Hays Code. This slowly broke down and the MPAA was introduced in 1968.
Who Is Alan Smithee?
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Documentary | Documentary | 45min
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This documentary on the elusive director 'Alan Smithee' was first shown on the American Movie Classics (AMC) cable channel. We learn where the name came from and why the Directors Guild of America (DGA) first allowed his name to be used on Richard Widmark's western Death of a Gunfighter (1969). The film follows the numerous problems that director Tony Kaye had during the production and post-production... see more
Indie Sex: Taboos
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Documentary | Documentary | 1h
In the Company of Women
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Documentary | Documentary | 1h 30min
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A documentary on the influence of women in independent film over the last two decades.
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