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Lynda Obst
Inside 'Interstellar'
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Documentary | Documentary | 2h 2min
A documentary divided into 14 segments: Plotting an Interstellar Journey: (1080p, 7:49); Life on Cooper's Farm (1080p, 9:43); The Dust (1080p, 2:38); Tars and Case (1080p, 9:27); The Cosmic Sounds of Interstellar (1080p, 1:20); The Space Suits (1080p, 4:31); The Endurance (1080p, 9:24); Shooting in Iceland: Miller's Planet/Mann's Planet (1080p, 12:42); The Ranger and the Lander (1080p, 12:20); Miniatures... see more
Documentary | Documentary | 46min
This documentary, shown on the American Movie Classics (AMC) cable channel, answers the question "What does a movie producer do?" It takes the viewer through every step of movie production. The process begins with finding suitable material to make into a film, and continues with pitching the idea to a studio, developing the script, finding the right talent (in front of and behind the camera), shooting... see more
Everything Is Copy
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Documentary | Biography, Documentary | 1h 29min
A look at the life and work of writer/filmmaker Nora Ephron.
Fareed Zakaria GPS
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TV Series | Talk-Show | 1h
Fareed Zakaria discusses foreign affairs and world events with government officials from around the world and other newsmakers.
The Independents
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TV Series | News, Talk-Show | 1h
Evening commentary on Fox Business covering a wide range of political and cultural topics from a Libertarian point of view. Co-Hosted by former MTV VJ Lisa Kennedy Montgomery, Reason Magazine's Matt Welch, and Freethink Media's Kmele Foster.
From Weepies to Chick Flicks
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Documentary | Documentary | 52min
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Naked Hollywood
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Mini Series
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A long hard look at the Movie Business by the BBC.
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