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Marcos Jorge
Estomago: A Gastronomic Story
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Movie | Drama | 1h 53min
Directed by:
In the great restaurant of life, there are those who eat and those who get eaten. Raimundo Nonato finds an alternative way, a life of his own: he cooks in order to survive and find a place in society. He arrives in town without a penny in his pockets and starts working as help in a decadent bar, a nasty place, lost amid the urban desert. He sleeps in the storage room on the back, and under a cold neon... see more
In Dog's Words
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Movie | Drama | 1h 41min
Directed by:
São Paulo, 2007. Santana works as a dogcatcher, picking up stray animals. He is a friendly guy, averse to trouble, who has always kept violence away from the doorsteps of his home. One day, he catches a very big dog in a school. Some days later, comes the animal's owner: Babyface, a sociopath ex-cop. The man is furious, considering his dog to be "kidnapped", and demands immediate restitution of his... see more
The Sky We Were Born Under
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Movie | Drama | 1h 40min
An astronomer is forced to leave the city where he lives in order to save his relationship. He ends up returning to the place he never intended to come back: The small town where he was born, stage of a great childhood trauma. Once there, he will discover the truth that will change his life forever.
Movie | Drama
Directed by:
A ship captain moves to the port town of Periperi, sparking jealousy with his tales of great exploits.
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