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Mats Lindberg
Movie | Comedy | 1h 39min
Directed by:
This title is about a mother and her son living together and making it through life... with some complications.
Kenny Begins
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Movie | Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi | 1h 27min
Kenny Starfighter is probably the most hopeless student the Hero academics of the galaxy has ever had. But in his desperate attempt in graduating he accidentally crashes on earth and discovers Pontus, an earthling who accidentally stumbled upon an intergalactic crystal which gave him inhuman strength. Now Kenny must save Pontus from Rutger Oversmart who wants the powers from the crystal for himself... see more
Morran och Tobias
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TV Series | Comedy, Short | 10min
Directed by:
The mother Morran (Johan Rheborg) and the son Tobias (Robert Gustafsson) lives together in a broken house with car wreckage in the garden. They are outsiders of the society and tries to solve every-day problems in unusual ways.
Kenny Starfighter
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TV Series | Action, Adventure, Comedy | 28min
Directed by:
Kenny Starfighter, a dim-witted Galaxy superhero, comes to Earth to save his home planet Mylta from the evil lord Dr. Deo. To his aid are four kids, whose school is controlled by a bunch of very weird teachers.
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