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Matt Groening
Born February 15, 1954 (age 65)
Matthew Abraham "Matt" Groening (born February 15, 1954) is an American cartoonist, writer, producer, animator, and voice actor. He is the creator of the comic strip Life in Hell (1977–2012) and the television series The Simpsons (1989–present), Futurama (1999–2003, 2008–2013), and the upcoming Disenchantment (2018). The Simpsons has gone on to become the longest-running U.S. primetime-television... full bio
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TV Series | Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Fantasy | 30min
The medieval misadventures of a hard-drinking princess, her feisty elf, and her personal demon.
The Simpsons
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TV Series | Animation, Comedy | 22min
The satiric adventures of a working-class family in the misfit city of Springfield.
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TV Series | Animation, Comedy, Romance, Sci-Fi | 22min
Fry, a pizza guy, is accidentally frozen in 1999 and thawed out New Year's Eve 2999.
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