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Rick Shew
Movie | Family | 1h 30min
Directed by:
Bailey, an adorable Golden Retriever puppy, is moving! On the road trip to their new home, his family makes a stop and mistakenly leaves Bailey behind. This mischievous and playful pup sets out to find his family and stumbles across "Sharkarosa," an exotic wildlife ranch. At the ranch, Bailey meets and is befriended by an assortment of animals, including kangaroos, camels, a bearcat, a baby tiger,... see more
Movie | Family | 1h 27min
Directed by:
It's "Christmas time" at the Baker household, and Bailey is at it again. Worried that he will not get any presents from Santa because he's been a bad doggie, Bailey learns about a mysterious Native American Indian called the "Handsome Fellow," who may be able to make his Christmas wishes come true. With thoughts of tennis balls, stuffed animals and more dog bones then he can count, he sets out to find... see more
Mad Bad
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Video | Action, Drama | 1h 33min
Directed by:
An ex-convict tries to rebuild his life with tragic consequences.
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