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S.S. Wilson
Tremors II: Aftershocks
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Video | Action, Comedy, Horror | 1h 40min
Directed by:
Battling a life depression, Earl Bassett is offered a job as a mercenary to help a Mexican oil company with a Graboid epidemic that's killing more people each day. However, the humans aren't the only ones with a new battle plan..
Tremors 4: The Legend Begins
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Video | Action, Comedy, Horror | 1h 41min
Directed by:
A prequel to Tremors (1990), this movie tells us about how the town of Perfection, Nevada became founded and how they defended it against the Graboids with the help of Burt Gummer's ancestor, Hiram.
Recorded Live
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Short Movie | Comedy, Horror, Short | 8min
Directed by:
A young man goes to a job interview at a TV studio, only to be greeted by two murderous videotape reels with a life of their own.
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