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Tara Pirnia
Documentary | Biography, Documentary, Sport | 54min
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Cristiano Ronaldo: The World at His Feet follows the footballer from his beginnings in Portugal, breakthrough start with Manchester United and current career at Real Madrid.
Movie | Documentary | 1h 4min
Directed by:
From their start on Britian's X Factor, One Direction has exploded onto the music scene with incomparable success. Watch the host of X Factor Sinitta trace the boys amazing rise to world-wide fame with A-List interviews.
Documentary | Biography, Documentary | 1h 3min
Directed by:
Meet the new royal couple and their entourage as we follow their story from the beginning of their romance through their engagement announcement and discover how an American actress will soon be a member of the British Royal family.
Steve Jobs: iGenius
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Movie | Biography | 55min
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Steve Jobs was the modern day Thomas Edison! From his ground breaking i-phones, i-pads and i-pods to paternity issues and finding the sister he never knew, this program will delve into the life of one of the greatest innovators and geniuses of all time.
Ronaldo vs. Messi
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Documentary | Documentary, Sport | 1h 3min
Directed by:
Ronaldo vs. Messi is a movie starring David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Lionel Messi. In the world of football, there seems only two camps when it comes to the greatest player. If you ask 100 soccer fans who that person is,...
Documentary | Documentary | 1h
Directed by:
The storybook romance of Prince William and Kate Middleton with a fairytale ending - a Royal Wedding at Westminster Abbey. A unique insight into the private lives of this young royal couple - from their first meeting to their courtship, to their engagement and now to their upcoming crowned destiny.
Movie | Biography | 1h 30min
Directed by:
This profile takes you on the path to the Justin Bieber phenomenon and includes his performances of current hits including "Baby" and "One Time" to video of backstage footage, interviews with Bieber, Usher, and more.
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