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Tom Dey
Shanghai Noon
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Movie | Action, Adventure, Comedy | 1h 50min
Directed by:
A Chinese man who travels to the Wild West to rescue a kidnapped princess. After teaming up with a train robber, the unlikely duo takes on a Chinese traitor and his corrupt boss.
Failure to Launch
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Movie | Comedy, Romance | 1h 37min
Directed by:
A thirty-something, is still living at home until his parents hire an interventionist to help him graduate out of the house. That's when the fun begins.
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Movie | Action, Comedy, Crime | 1h 35min
Directed by:
A spoof of buddy cop movies where two very different cops are forced to team up on a new reality based T.V. cop show.
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Movie | Comedy, Family | 1h 27min
Directed by:
A suburban family moves to a new neighborhood with their large yet lovable Great Dane, who has a tendency to wreak havoc in his own oblivious way.
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