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Torun Lian
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Movie | Drama, Romance | 1h 45min
Directed by:
A tragic love affair between Victoria and Johannes. She's a daughter of a rich estate owner and he's the son of the poor miller. Despite the deep love between them, her father makes Victoria ditch Johannes for the richer Otto.
The Color of Milk
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Movie | Comedy, Romance | 1h 34min
Directed by:
Selma's mother died giving birth to her, and Selma's step aunt is living proof that men only cause trouble. So the 11 year old girl makes a deal with her best friends that they will stay away from boys and dedicate their lives to science. And by the way, Selma was probably born on another planet and not meant to fall in love with anyone. But what happens when her friends break the pact, and she actually... see more
Only Clouds Move the Stars
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Movie | Drama, Family | 1h 38min
Directed by:
"Only Clouds..." is a film about eleven year old Maria, who has lost her little brother. Her mother disappears into her own sorrow, then Maria meets Jacob.
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