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Victor Nunez
Ulee's Gold
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Movie | Drama | 1h 53min
Directed by:
A reclusive beekeeper slowly pulls his dysfunctional family back together, but not without having to fight his son's previous dastardly cohorts.
Ruby in Paradise
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Movie | Drama, Romance | 1h 54min
Directed by:
Ruby, a young woman, arrives in a Florida resort town during the off season to make a fresh start. She gets work as a sales clerk in a souvineer shop run by Mildred Chambers. She dates, and sleeps with, Ricky Chambers, Mildred's conceited son, but breaks off with him when she finds she's just another conquest. She gets involved with Mike, a left-wing greenhouse worker. As the seasons change, Ruby's... see more
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Movie | Crime, Drama, Thriller | 1h 50min
Directed by:
An ex-con returns to his Florida hometown after three years and becomes involved with the wife of his best friend, the local sheriff.
Spoken Word
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Movie | Drama | 1h 56min
Directed by:
A San Francisco spoken word artist returns to New Mexico to be with his dying father, only to find he loses his "voice" as he is sucked back in to the dysfunctional life of drugs and violence he left behind.
Gal Young Un
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Movie | Drama | 1h 45min
Directed by:
Gal Young 'Un centers on a spinster woman who lives alone in the woods of north Florida until she is swept off her feet by an opportunistic bootlegger. He marries her for her place and her daddy's money and her cooking and cleaning, which she freely shares. Inevitably, he shows his true colors in a variety of ways. One day he brings home a very young woman with clear intentions of keeping her as a... see more
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