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Inside 'Interstellar' [2015]
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Documentary | Documentary | 2h 2min
A documentary divided into 14 segments: Plotting an Interstellar Journey: (1080p, 7:49); Life on Cooper's Farm (1080p, 9:43); The Dust (1080p, 2:38); Tars and Case (1080p, 9:27); The Cosmic Sounds of Interstellar (1080p, 1:20); The Space Suits (1080p, 4:31); The Endurance (1080p, 9:24); Shooting in Iceland: Miller's Planet/Mann's Planet (1080p, 12:42); The Ranger and the Lander (1080p, 12:20); Miniatures in Space (1080p, 5:29); The Simulation of Zero-G (1080p, 5:31); Celestial Landmarks (1080p, 13:22); Across All Dimensions and Time (1080p, 9:02) and Final Thoughts (1080p, 6:02). Here cast and crew discuss project origins, the film's imagery, ambitions, incorporating IMAX footage, the human element within the film, arm shooting locations outside of Calgary, the set construction and design, working with real corn, mechanical characters, including backstory, design, the blend of practical and digital effects in bringing them to life, the differences in the characters, the human performances... see more
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