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John Berger or The Art of Looking [2016]
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Documentary | Documentary | 54min
Art, politics and motorcycles: on the occasion of his 90th birthday John Berger or The Art of Looking is an intimate portrait of the writer and art-critic whose ground-breaking work on seeing has shaped our understanding for over five decades. How paintings become narratives and stories turn into images, rarely does anybody demonstrate this as poignantly as Berger. The seeing is his life subject, the "looking eye" his intellectual burning glass. From conviction he lived and worked for decades in a small mountain village in the French Alps. The nearness to nature and the world of the peasants belonged antipodically to him as well as his motorcycle that for him deals so much with presence, and so with drawing and writing. Covering an astonishing range of topics and art-forms, Berger's work is founded also on artistic dialogues. Echoing some of these most unusual and astonishing collaborations birthday John Berger or The Art of Looking introduces Berger's art of looking with theatre wizard... see more
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