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Life Without a Fork [2016]
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Documentary | Documentary
Imagine living life where you aren't able to eat, having to hide often because you look weird, or looking and feeling, "normal," and suddenly and, most frighteningly and unexpectedly, unable to breath while swelling and becoming distorted in the features. Join Vanessa Williams and her fellow-swellers on their respective journeys through, "Swellville," as they learn to survive the rare, potentially fatal condition, idiopathic angioedema and it's overlapping conditions of bradykinin-mediated angioedema, (all forms of angioedema), mast cell activation disorders, anapylaxis shock and urticaria! Get the how to's with coping with these deadly orphan's diseases from Renowned Angioedema Specialist, Dr. Marc Riedl and Global Angioedema Advocate, Vanessa Williams. May your swells forever be minimal, at worst.
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