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Mama geht nicht mehr [2016]
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TV Movie
The successful doctor Karin (Mariele Millowitsch) is about to retire when she is diagnosed with cancer. The news hits her hard. She decides to use the time she has left repairing the frigid relationship to her only daughter Steffi (Mina Tander). Without further ado she moves into Steffi's apartment building, even though the two have barely talked let alone seen each other in the past year. Quickly, know-it-all Karin realizes that her daughter's life needs a complete makeover: her thirteen year old son Timo (Erik Linnerud) is too chubby and spends all his time playing computer games, Steffi can't assert herself in her job as a teacher and lashes out at her husband Basti (Simon Schwarz) as a result of her frustration. With Karin's presence the small family is shaken to its core and long repressed issues biol up. But the biggest test of stamina is yet to come...
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