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The Amazing Colossal Woman [2016]
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Movie | Sci-Fi
Dr. Carol Heisler is angry... very angry. Her rage registers with an flying saucer scanning the populace. The Alien being inside decides that she is an ideal subject for an experiment. Using its advanced technology Solopticus grows the furious female to giant size and names her GARGANTA! Now possessing tremendous power, GARGANTA starts storming through the city searching for her cheating husband. Anything or anybody that stands in her way gets stomped flat. THE AMAZING COLOSSAL WOMAN is a micro budget homage to sci-fi monster movies of yesteryear. Based on the character GARGANTA appearing in AC Comics' FEMFORCE title, this movie is a fun romp filled with cheesy elements that popularized 50's fright films... a statuesque 50 foot female, a hideous bug-eye monster, nutty scientists, overzealous military and intrepid TV newscasters. It is filmed in SOLOPTIVISION, special process that turns color into B&W and imbues this movie with an arty, comic book enhancement.
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